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Full-Scope Security and Mission Effectiveness Assessments

Security begins with understanding each way an attacker may be able to threaten your organization or critical resources.


Scans and audits alone fall short, we emphasize a comprehensive evaluation of your unique environment.

Full-Scope Security - We align to your unique needs by first identifying critical resources, access paths, and defender limitations. This enables customized vulnerability discovery across physical security, cyber security, wireless, and human factors domains, as attackers may use a combination of tactics to meet their objectives.

 Mission Effectiveness Security issues are often symptoms of other systemic problems. Our proprietary mission effectiveness process discovers the underlying root cause, clearly illuminating areas for sustained improvement.

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Decide Services
Analysing Data

Vulnerability discoveries are most helpful if they reveal the biggest risks to your organization and enable you to make the most impactful decisions.


Risk Assessment - Our proprietary framework estimates risk due to variety of factors and sources, reducing complexity by emphasizing the key drivers of risk in a clear and understandable process.

Strategic Planning - The future will come. We work with you to calibrate your risk tolerance in light of personnel and resource constraints, creating a risk-based plan that meets business needs while appropriately hedging against uncertainty.

Task Prioritization - Leveraging this strategy, we prioritize each remediation task to quickly deliver the biggest security benefit for the lowest cost, as well as a roadmap for sustained improvements.

Strategic Planning and Risk-Based Prioritization


Act Services

Addressing security needs can be a daunting task even for experienced personnel, as it requires in-depth experience across multiple areas.


Vulnerability Resolution - Our diverse team partners with you to remediate vulnerabilities by re-configuring systems, improving security measures and processes, tailoring mitigations, and more.


Defensive Improvements - We develop customized detection logic for existing defenses, optimize team workflow, and evaluate new capabilities to determine the best fit for your needs.


Training - Shape the security awareness of your organization or increase skills on your security team with our customized training. We believe in a interactive learning approach and offer both small group mentoring and classroom-based training tailored to your needs. Every step of "what" to do is paired with a thorough discussion of "why" it matters, to more effectively build core understanding.

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Security Design, Implementation and Training

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