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Our Approach

Redefining security by defining security.

Many security practitioners talk about “risk,” “threats,” and “effectiveness,” but these subjective concepts are rarely tied to a quantifiable metric.


Our proprietary risk assessment framework and mission effectiveness process constructively define and quantify these concepts, cutting through vulnerability overload to clearly prioritize what is most important to your organization.

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Customized solutions.

Every security situation is different.

Every business has unique needs.


We are problem solvers first and foremost, customizing solutions to fill gaps and augment your existing security posture for maximum impact.

Comprehensive Security: Cyber, Physical, Human

Firewalls cannot protect an unlocked server room door.

A security camera cannot guarantee visibility if it has an IoT vulnerability.


Physical security, human factors, and cyber security are inherently linked, which is why our diverse team comprehensively examines all domains that affect your security posture.

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Organizational culture.

Humans knowingly and unknowingly create vulnerabilities, but simply reprimanding security violations is often ineffective.


Our team looks beyond access controls to understand the human elements affecting your security and efficiency. We then design a plan for how your organization can create a strong culture of security and be mindful of "insider threats," transforming your workforce into your biggest security asset.

Diverse skills,

depth of experience.

Our team has over 20 years of diverse security experience leading efforts both domestically and internationally across the DIA, FBI, NSA, the U.S. Navy, and the private sector.


In addition to degrees in Computer Science, Nuclear Engineering, Computer Engineering, Psychology, Law, and International Security, our team also has specialized training and experience in Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, Open Source Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligence Analysis, Penetration Testing, Incident Handling, and more.

With staff in Florida, Texas, and the DC metro area, we are well positioned to quickly respond to security needs across the country.

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