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Full-Scope Security and Mission Effectiveness Assessments

Strategic Planning and Risk-Based Prioritization

Security Design, Implementation,

and Training

“Discover ground truth. Only then can you decide what to do about it. Avoid it, and your decisions will be made for you.”

— Archaedis Mend

What is valuable to a threat actor?

Where do detection gaps exist?

How are you vulnerable?


We discover issues across physical, cyber, and human factors domains, enabling comprehensive insight into your security effectiveness.

Focus efforts with clear prioritization.

Diagnose core issues, not symptoms.

Don't just trust obscure algorithms.


Security organizations must decide what to monitor, what to detect, and how to respond.  Our framework emphasizes prioritization, tracing your decisions from cause to effect.

Resolve or mitigate vulnerabilities.

Improve detections.

Optimize security operations.


Security assessments should lead to action, not paralysis.  We work with your team to identify and tackle your highest impact options.

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